Bizarro Incense

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Everyone knows Bizarro and it’s here to change the mood of any room you burn this aroma in. This new 100% legal version will cause things to get….bizarre!

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1.5 Grams = $16.99
(approx. cost per gram = $11.32/g)

4 Grams = $33.99
Buy 4G, pay for just 3G! (approx. cost per gram = $8.49/g)

10 Grams = $67.98
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25 Grams = $135.96
Buy 25G, pay for just 12G! (approx. cost per gram = $5.43/g)

Ingredients: Damiana, Mullein, Mugwort, Marshmallow leaf, Passion Flower, and Spearmint

Instructions: The Bizarro herbal blend comes cut and sifted but you can grind it up further if desired. Once a desired consistency is achieved, you can place the Bizarro in a flame retardant bowl and burn it in the room. Charcoal can help the burning process become more consistent.

Notice: While similar in name to other products, Bizarro is 100% Legal.


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