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Herbal Incense

Mr Nice Guy is a great middle of the pack blend. It brings our feelings of happiness and reminds me of the movie Half Baked when I see the logo. This aroma is meant to create a calm and relaxed environment at a moment’s notice. If you’re looking to put a smile on your face, then you’ll love this blend. Mr Nice Guy herbal blends are not meant to be intense but instead totally enjoyable. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then we highly recommend this blend above any other one we sell. The great news is that we have it in multiple sizes and that will allow you to find the perfect fit for you. You can get the smallest bag at 1.5 grams, enjoy 4 grams, 10grams, or stock up with 25 grams depending on your preference. You’ll get a price break with the larger quantities you buy. For as little as $14.99 you can start enjoying this blend today. This blend is a nice dry and crunch blend that will burn perfectly in any room. It has a great soothing effect when it hits your sinuses as you walk into the room. This is actually a perfect blend for relaxation after a long week or the perfect blend to burn at a party since it’s loved by almost everyone. The Mr Nice Guy is a well-recognized brand and well-reviewed around the internet. Many people love this brand for the calming effects and it being a product they know well. This is the 2019 version that is 100% legal with no banned substances and is 50 state legal. So check it out today to see relax with Mr Nice Guy herbal blends.

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