How To Pay By E-Check

It’s quick, easy and secure to pay by e-check at Buy Herbal’s checkout. You give us your preferred account number and routing number of the bank account you wish to transfer the funds from. These are sent securely to our eCheck network processor, much like your credit card details would be.

They are then verified instantly, and the payment and order will begin to process.

What is E-Check?

An eCheck, or electronic check, is a form of online payment where the money is electronically withdrawn from the payer’s checking account, transferred over the ACH network, and deposited into a seller’s account to pay for products.

Instead of a customer manually filling out a traditional paper check and sending it to the business they need to pay, today’s technology allows the process to happen online, saving both time as well as paper waste.

How Long Do E-Checks Take to Clear?

Usually, it is verified within just a few hours which starts the process. We wait for the money to clear directly to us. Once it does, we’ll begin processing your order for delivery.

How Quickly Does The Money Withdraw From My Account?

Usually within 1 to 2 days during the business day. Overnight and weekend payments are processed early the next morning.

What Purchase Protection Do E-Checks Have?

Virtually the same as credit cards, only via your bank.

Where Can I Find My Routing & Account number?

These are found on your paper check. If you’re unsure or don’t have your checkbook to hand, you can also find these via your online banking services. Alternatively, contact your bank, and they’ll be happy to help.

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